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Sleeping on Floors

Sleeping on floors and literally listening to how the world sounds at 1:10am. Keep calm and carry on how much does it take to get ourselves out there with so much gridlock everyone trying to get famous, thinking “look at my blog I’ve defined the meaning of hipster and ‘boho’. No hipsters old, 1D fan follow me~” what the fuck is boho and have you even realized how much God has blessed you? Most of the time. Na I’m too lazy and I’m too unique. What about you, “I barely use facebook at all lol go get a life lol”. Too simple minded to learn, “lol html for life lol.” Okay.

Yesterday, we released our new song “These Words That I Write On My Heart”.

The elements of Dubstep and Post-Hardcore go together great, and we thank all of you guys who supported us through our release yesterday by sharing the video and getting this music to your friends.

To all of you who haven’t heard it yet, give it a listen! And if you like it, go steal your little sister’s iTunes giftcard and give us a little support. haha

Keep up with us, we’ll be releasing quite a lot of material over these next few months.

Thanks guys,

P.S. Daniel wus here

"These Words That I Write On My Heart"

Our new song comes out today! Take a listen!


The Story Behind “These Words That I Write On My Heart”

This song is about the worst year of my life. When I was beaten down to the point where I couldn’t be the same anymore.

I had to pick up the pieces of my broken life, Summer 2011.


The hardest part of it all was when my girlfriend left me - everything after that became a blur.

Seeing the girl that meant the world to me hanging around other guys, not answering any of my calls, and acting like she never knew me was the worst reality I had ever known and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else.

I remember having to live day after day in the shadows with no light in the distance. The past two years of my life with her began to haunt me every time I closed my eyes. 

At the time, Steven and I had begun writing EGO. By the time the song was finished, it had become entirely about her and reflected everything that I was going through.

"Forget about what we’ve been through,

and I hardly knew that you would end up like this.”



What I wanted to do for this song was take every lesson that I had learned, every day that I had suffered, and every emotion that I could capture from all the anger and emotional scarring that I had held onto from the whole thing, and condense it into a song that would sum up that chapter of my life.


How I Felt About Writing The Song

To finally release the anger and bitterness that I had been holding in, meant that the words I had written on my heart were going to finally fade away. What shaped the lyrics of this song was the feeling of letting go and being done with the past and allowing yourself to fall away from it.

Overall, it felt great to get all the thoughts I was having out in the open with this song.

"Your actions and your heart betray the lies you told."


What The Song Has Meant To Us

After writing the song, spending hour and hours producing, and taking every chance to go back and perfect what we could improve on, Steven and I have finally finished These Words That I Write On My Heart.

We have really grown as a team, pushed ourselves to our limits, and learned a lot about how we express ourselves through music.

What You Can Do To Help

We want you guys to love this song as much as we loved making it. We want you to be able to add this song to your playlist, share it with your friends, and most importantly support us by showing your own dedication to the music.

Download the song on iTunes and help out as much as you can by making a difference, not only for us, but for other people that need to hear this and know that there is an escape from anything that they are going through.

We know that if you’ve read this far, then you have the heart to help us bring our music to everyone that needs to hear it.
Share this song on Facebook, tweet about it, blog about it, do whatever it takes to get your friends listening.

We love you guys for everything you’ve done for us so far, let’s take this as far as we can.

These Words That I Write On My Heart
Love Escapes Me 2012

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